Company News

  • 2017-07-05

    The first stop on the journey, the solemn Houses of Parliament 


  • 2017-03-02

    YNN bearing established a bearing inspection field in Cixi city, Zhejiang Province to guarantee every bearing in your hand is brilliant and exquisite! We have professional technician in the factory to surpevise every process of bearing manufacturing, and each bearing working performance for your clients!

    Factory area 1

    Factory area 2

    Factory area 3

    Factory area 4

    Factory area 5


  • 2017-03-20

    YNN bearing is a international standard bearing manufacturer. Also, we can get thought individual bearing certifications for us such as Rose and SGS inspection.





  • 2011-03-01

    YNN bought a factory place in Zhenjiang City Jiangsu province, we use the factory to do the bearing assembly and inspection working. This is the headquarter of our company inspection! We gather our manufactured bearings here, and our technician will use advanced equipment to test the bearing noise, appearance, running, working performance and all other configurations! Also, this is our stocking place.

    We welcome you come to inspect our factory in Zhenjiang!

    Factory Photo 1


    Factory photo 2


    Factory photo 3


    Factory photo 4