Shanghai Yinin Bearing & Transmission Company is founded in 2010 coming from an experience of over 10 years in bearing field. From 1999, starting from representing bearing manufacturers in China, we export kinds of bearings. Nowadays we are developing one completed sales and manufacturing bearings group.

2023 Jiangsu DaHua Bearing new factory photo

We already have four companies for our bearing business as below:

Shanghai YININ Imp.,& Exp.,Co.,Ltd ( marketing center), founded in 2004

CiXi YININ QC center (separate QC Center), founded in 2008.

Shanghai YININ Bearing & Transmission Company (mainly produce and export kinds of ball bearings), founded in 2010.

JiangSu DaHua Bearing Manufacturing Company (produce kind of roller bearing & QC center & warehouse) ,founded in 2011.

Our main products: 

Ball bearings and some kinds of roller bearings,

Automotive bearings and special bearings in chrome steel and stainless steel bearings

Our advantages: 

Good and stable quality under our QC system.

Full series’ products, one station buying under our completed group.

Innovation, working harder, Honesty & Credit

Our main market:  

U.S.A, European countries,Asian countries

Our guideline: 

Keep promise to make each business. 

Quality comes first, with reasonable price, and the best service!

Our Dream:  

We value all customers'future!


Office adress:

9F01-05,NO.2123,PuDong AVE,Shanghai,200135,P.R.China 

Factory address:

HuangXu Industrial Area,DanTu,ZhenJiang City,JiangSu Province,P.R.China 


Tel:+86 21 68551627,58850072,58850107 

Fax:+86 21 68551629